The teaching method adopted with very young children who may start at the age of 4 years, do not get any formal instruction. However, freedom to express and indulge in the handling of material which helps with motor control and developing cognitive abilities is the primary focus, and also a necessary part in a young child that needs to be in place so that the next level of growth is possible.

Encouraging children who have had a slower start in life, with extra encouragement and guidance, we take great pains to develop and nurture children with special needs. Art therapy is a great tool that aids in this venture as we help such children become the very best they possibly could. It is a well-balanced and integrated personality that we work towards.

A normal class will have children paint, do clay work, using discarded material, turning out new things with old stuff, handling what each can at the appropriate age. The older children will enjoy the joy of doing big projects with plaster, clay, tapestries and designing, metal and copper work, cloth and wire work, mosaic and oil painting are all out there for you.


Center for edexcel and Cambridge o/l and A/l exams in art and design and other course work based subjects such as English literature, History, Psychology and Law are some of these subjects that are assessment based which can be offered from the Art school.. In the event that a student wants to sit the exam privately, this is an option to sit privately, spend less, and gain more.

Any student wanting to do further studies in subjects such as architecture interior or industrial design , graphic or animation, fine arts or fashion design need a background that one could get from a subject such as art and design .

Especially when portfolios are demanded when applying to university having done art and design and having ready made portfolios is a great advantage to the students.

Career guidance is offered to students wanting to develop their talent and skill into a profession. Counseling to students and parents is an integral part of helping the student plan his or her future and pursue higher education diligently and successfully. A friendly home like environment is created for the young and old. Students are encouraged to be true to their own individual talents and dreams.

Learn the benefit of freedom in communication through creativity. This method helps those who are talented to develop, and those who have less talent to develop a kinesthetic sense for artistic vales that will help anyone all through life. This is the beginning to teaching the value of good things in life.

Creative activity also enhances concentration, understanding good values and the discipline to go through a job and see it to a finish with patience and endurance.



Centre for Cambridge o/l and A/L Art and design.
We encourage students who do not have Art and design as a subject in school, to join us at Art school and prepare for the preparatory work and the externally set papers. There’s GCE, and IGCSE Art for which a student may want to sit. All of which is possible at SSA.It is advised that if a student wants to take Art as a subject at O/L’s that student should start young, so that very basic training and development takes place prior to sitting Exams. Art school is loads of fun and very serious work.

That will help and groom the abilities of an Art student into a formal professional avenue. This process is enhanced by starting young.


At Edexcel IGCSE O/l’S Art and design, the combinations offered, are fantastic. Talk to us for more information. There’s only one preparatory paper with 3 sheets of preparatory work and a final work on the day of the paper at which time the prep work will be submitted.

At GCE A/L’s a student will sit unit 1, and 2 as A S LEVELS, AND UNIT 3,4 as A 2.Units 1 and 3 are course work based units and work is done from an year ahead. Together with an internally assessed course work, students will sit a set paper that has 6 weeks of preparatory work .This paper is sat, and both course work and set paper are given together. Same process is followed for the next two units. The advantage of doing this subject as part of your curriculum would be that most foreign universities and even some local private universities would exempt students from a foundation year, due to the proficiency acquired through LONDON A/L Art.

Here at art school students who want to sit for course work based subjects such as History, geography, English literature, Psychology, may sit through this center and be tuitored privately. Submission of coursework for inspection is important. Here is an excellent opportunity for students who want to do higher studies as well as not waist time. Join us to make a more organized time conserved plan for effective learning.Your registration with the Centre will help you apply for these exams for no added cost except subject fees paid direct to British Council. No added monthly fee to be part of this school, hence saving parents from paying school fees and tutoring fees.