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There is a great deal of skill that is not taught in schools though the students have the capability and the capacity to do great things in Art. The syllabus for Ordinary Level Art will be taught over the duration of 2 years and covers Local and European as well as Indian Art History. These topics are taught at a simpler level for the Ordinary Level Examination while the syllabus for the Advanced Level Examination covers these topics more critically and in depth. A fantastic way to learn about one’s own country and its Art History as well as what happens around us is taught through this syllabus. It also becomes a stepping stone towards Advanced Level Art, should your child later wish to pursue degrees in any of our local universities.


If a student is passionate about doing Architecture or any Design-based course, Art is a very integral part of your subject selections. Similar to Ordinary Level Art, there will be 3 practical papers on the following areas:


  1. Still Life sketch and painting.
  2. Composition or Design, from which the student needs to select.
  3. History of Art, a theory paper with essay type questions on Sri Lankan, European and Indian Art History and on World Artists.



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