The Shyamala School of Art opens its doors to all, from the curious toddler to the adolescent who loses confidence and from the stressed worker to the retired individual who seeks a hobby. Collective creative work is encouraged, so that the students not only find their way in Art but also develop their social and interactive skills.

The artistic activities conducted at the Art School are Finger Painting, Needle Craft, Clay Work, Pottery, Oil Paintings, Collage Making, Upcycling of Used Materials, Wire and Metal Sculpture and using Play Dough and Acrylics. When it comes to crafts on Fabric, Painting, Tie Dye and Batik are commonly used as artistic mediums.

Life Drawing classes are taken by students to understand the basic elements of art which is line, colour and form while adults seeking to develop a hobby turn to Painting and Craft classes. Art workshops are offered during vacation to keep the students busy.

The Art School is the only private institution in Sri Lanka with British Council accreditation that offers Art and Design right up to Advanced Level and helps students prepare for Art and Design as a subject for the Edexcel or Cambridge examinations. A student who’s chosen to sit for their Art and Design exam privately may do so through the Shyamala School of Art along with the rest of the subjects the student is sitting for, such as Psychology, History and English Literature.

Pablo Picasso once said “All children are born artists, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”.

Every human being is born with a creative spark. An untainted, precious light from which their artistic talents develop. Children, in particular, are naturally curious and experiment with anything they find. Over the years, their daily experiences in life, including being constantly disciplined by words such as ‘no’ and ‘don’t’, may limit their desire to explore their own potential. This may dim or extinguish their natural creative spark and we’re left with a loss of what would have been one more artist in the world.

Now, more than ever, it is important to encourage young people and children to use Art as a means of expression. Here at the Art School, we believe in positive reinforcement. We encourage our students to push their boundaries to the limit, to fearlessly explore and discover their capabilities in a safe and child-friendly environment that is built solely to grow their potential.
Art is therapeutic. It helps foster healing and improves the mental wellbeing of those who face emotional challenges. We enjoy bringing creativity and colour into the lives of those who turn to Art for a distraction as a source of healing or as a passion which needs to be nurtured.

Art is one of the most beautiful methods of communication discovered by ancient civilizations and great people whom we call great Masters and Innovators of Art. When we travel across the world, we see the monumental glory of Man’s skill and talent paired with research and experimentation. Legendary paintings that capture life or moments, the sheer talent reflected in the architecture around us and artistic structures that speak where words fail… this is the beauty of Art, where it fills us with such inspiration and wonder.

Art leaves such a lasting impression on us that years after we return from such places, we do not remember its details but we remember the way it made us feel. This is the phenomenal power that any form of art has over us human beings.

Some of the greatest industries and businesses in the world focus on using aesthetic methods and values to enhance their products. This is beautifully executed by young minds that are qualified in different fields of Art and Design – and this could now be you.



Stepping into the world of higher education can be quite nerve-racking especially if students have to decide what they want to do in life on their own. Without proper guidance, the child may decide on the wrong academic path, leading to financial blunders and mental stress.

At the Art School we offer career guidance sessions, especially designed to serve this purpose. We believe that understanding exactly where the child stands in life is important, and this is done by simply listening to their likes and dislikes, their favourite subjects and their future aspirations. A child may only discover their calling after constant exploration. We encourage them to explore their capabilities and try their hand at different fields.

Those who decide on Art and Design, will find that it is a part of everyday life. There is a natural drive within us to express ourselves through Art, be it to craft something in the way we wish it to be in real life or to deal with emotions on paper. Inspiration can be found in the little mundane things in life; from the layout of one’s home to the crosswalk patterns on the street. Building on this natural talent is a fulfilling and rewarding journey, which we guide the student through to realise their sheer potential.

We offer a range of curated Art and Design programmes that are designed to bring out the best in students. The Shyamala School of Art is a centre offering Edexcel and Cambridge programmes. Our students are trained to skillfully build an artistic concept, creating their self-identity through a topic selected independently and build their skill-sets according to set objectives and assessment standards.

Students who take up IGSCE, GCE or Local Art and Design Examinations acquire a foundation in the fields that can help them prepare for higher education at Design-based universities or prestigious Design colleges that open new doors into a new future.