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The art school is situated very centrally at the top of Siripa Road, No, 3 Colombo 05. The teaching method adapted with very young ones who may start at the age of 4 years are given the freedom to express and indulge in the handling of material which helps with their motor skills and develops cognitive abilities as a result.


The type of work done ranges from play dough and finger painting to clay work and pottery, acrylics and oil painting to wire and metal sculpture.


Needle craft and painting on fabric as well as tie dye and batik are also some of the mediums handled here at Art School.

Shyamala School of Art is the only institution that is accredited to British Council for London O/L IGCSE and A/L Cambridge and Edexcel Art as well as subjects such as Psychology, English literature, and History.


Art School will soon be offering a BTEC in fine arts and a top up degree from a very reputed British University. This will be a diploma program that will the a fashion design and fine arts degree. Art school offers work shops during vacations.


Life drawing classes for young adults. painting and craft clases for adults to develop a hobby .



Age 4 - 10

Age 11- 18

Local O/L and A/L

Cambridge O/L and A/L

Edexcel O/L and A/L



Opening up budding artists
Journeying together
A year of creativity...and fun
All Children are intelligent
Young at art



London A/L student works

Professional Studies





Shyamala School of Art

No. 3,

Siripa Road ,

Colombo - 05

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